Friday, March 09, 2018

Robert Frost poems

Ebony is out of surgery, back in her room and recovering nicely, thanks to Dilaudid. She is now fitted with a Gastric Tube and as soon as tomorrow will begin receiving nutrients through the valve. The nurse was just here demonstrating the valve with Ebony’s meds.

My heart was in my mouth the entire time because the surgical team showed up before they brought her up to the OR “to say Hi!” And what better time to meet the the sociopathic Anesthesiologist? He wanted to let me know all the bad things that can happen during surgery and what that might mean. Like a tracheotomy or need for a breathing tube. And what better time to tell me than right before you take her in, huh? Thanks, Doc. I’m coming to your house for Halloween, I bet you thought “The Verdict” was a depressing movie where the bad guys won.

I walked up to the OR ahead of Ebony and before they took her in, I asked for a moment with her. I held her hand and leaned in and started tearing up, telling her how much I love her and that I will be there when she gets out and I’ll play her the new Judas Priest album which came out today. Ebony released her hand from mine and put it on my cheek, which is kinda our thing since this all began. It only made me cry harder but let me know she’s still in there, she’ll still fighting.

When she got out, her mother and I went to recovery to see her. Ebony came through just fine but was maybe in a little pain so they have some Fentanyl. Her mother said she would meet us in the room and I played some of the new Priest album — “Firepower” — for her. She seemed to really enjoy it, but the painkillers kicked in and she was out after three songs.

So after a great deal of anxiety and stress, Ebony is stable and will be getting Astronaut meals in what will become our new normal.

We have managed to get through this but we are not out of the woods yet: we will eventually be at that point where two roads will diverge. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.