Monday, March 12, 2018

Sophie’s Choice

I left work early tonight. Ebony’s mother called and told me to I needed to speak with Susannah, a Physician’s Assistant. So I called, and after listening to her, made the decision to leave and go to the hospital.

Ebony has a blood clot on her lower right lung that is impairing her breathing. The clot was not there previously. The way they treat blood clots is to administer blood thinners. However, this is dangerous as Ebony is recovering from surgery. Moreover, blood thinners are dangerous given her condition as they could cause her tumor to bleed, bleeding in the brain or swelling of the brain. All of which could prove fatal. If she does not receive blood thinners, the clot will most likely continue to restrict her breathing and she could pass in a matter of days. Another possibility is that more clots could form and lead to a heart attack or stroke.

I had to make the decision. A Sophie’s Choice if there ever was one.

Healing, and her comfort, were my biggest concerns. I made the decision to take a chance and allowed blood thinners. I think we have to take the chance on getting rid of the clot I asked if they had some kind of pain medication they can administer and Susannah said she would most likely get an IV of something to combat any pain.

Susannah said she would contact the team and get back to us. It could take until morning.

I don’t know if I will be able to sit up all night: I am exhausted. But I will be right here by Ebony’s side.